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Daily Blessings Issue #093 -- Take Heart, Change Is On the Horizon
October 20, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Take Heart, Change Is On the Horizon

There are many souls at this time who have worked long and hard for change ... change within the self, in order to better serve God, and change in the outer world so that the many who are suffering may receive greater comfort and ease.

We say to you at this time, that your efforts have not been in vain, even if at times it appears that all you have worked for is for naught.

There are powerful forces of change at work in the world that have not yet manifested. The groundwork has been laid during these many years of diligent effort.

In God's time, much of your work will become physically manifest in unexpected ways. For this moment, continue on in firmness with the understanding that God sees and knows your efforts.

All is being prepared for many positive changes to come in 2006. Though there will continue to be an acceleration of earth changes which will produce challenges for many, there will also be many breakthroughs for humanity, in long sought after areas.

Trust in the inner wisdom that God has given you, to navigate these times. Follow your heart, which is part of God's heart. Know that you are loved and blessed. Amen.
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