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Daily Blessings Issue #106 -- Spiritual Life
November 10, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Spiritual Life

What is spiritual life? This is a question only relevant to the present time, during the current secular consciousness, which creates an artificial separation between one's daily life and one's spiritual life. In the future all people will know and understand that all of life is a spiritual life.

To know and feel God's reality in every moment is a grace, and is the essence of a spiritual life. For many people this is not yet a living reality, but is a longing and a possibility that is being worked towards and held as a goal. In the interim, before God's reality completely infuses consciousness, spiritual life is lived through the longing and the desire to feel and experience more of God's love in every moment.

Spiritual life begins in the heart, and opens possibilities for new life, new consciousness, and the healing of all within a person that has previously not been able to be healed. When a soul makes a commitment to put God first, above all other things, spiritual life begins. A new set of priorities and goals become more important to the soul than the old, familiar ways of being. Spiritual life is born anew on the Earth, each time a soul makes the choice for God, and the choice to love.

We thank all souls on the Earth at this time who have made the commitment and the choice to live a spiritual life. Your choice is laying the foundation for a new era, a new time on the Earth so that one day, all beings on the Earth will know and feel God's reality within themselves, and also around them. Your choice is a part of the creation of this new Earth that is being born now, and that will grow and flourish in the times ahead.

We ask your patience and persistence for the process of purification that the Earth is involved in. This will take some time to accomplish, and the Light and love and faith of those living a spiritual life will provide the support, comfort, nourishment and strength needed to accomplish this transition. During this time, all that needs healing can be healed, with the love and Light of God that is now available to all beings.

We give thanks for your work, for your faith, and for your commitment to spiritual life. May all beings be blessed with God's holy divine love, light and truth. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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