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Daily Blessings Issue #121 -- God's Light Brings Comfort
December 06, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

God's Light Brings Comfort

During times of difficulty or crisis, the presence of God's Light brings comfort and peace. It can be challenging to be aware of this holy Light when all is in upheaval in one's physical experience, and so it is important to build a strong foundation of faith daily, so that when difficulty arises there is a pathway within the self to access God's divine Light.

It is common for many people to turn to God when times are difficult, and to forget God when life is going well. This message is for those souls who have already committed themselves to a spiritual life in God, who wish to connect with God at all times.

To be able to experience God's Light and comfort at all times, start today to build a daily spiritual practice that helps you to bring your awareness of God into all aspects of life. This practice can be as simple as a few moments of prayer or meditation each morning. The key is regularity and commitment, which brings a foundation of Light into your daily life experience.

The reward to creating a daily spiritual practice is that a pathway is created within you, that allows greater levels of God's divine Light to flow through your body, mind and spirit. This holy Light infuses all aspects of the self, and will bring a deepening daily experience of comfort, peace and connection with God.

May all beings be blessed. May all beings be at peace. May all beings know and feel God's holy peace, Light and love. Amen

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