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Daily Blessings Issue #092 -- Smoothing the Rough Edges
October 16, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Smoothing the Rough Edges

Under times of stress, much is possible in the way of transformation. It is natural for the human self to protest, complain and experience dismay at difficult events.

It is important to have compassion for the human self that is struggling. For those living a spiritual life is also important to see these challenges as opportunities for transformation. Challenges refine and purify the soul, smoothing the rough edges of the personality, and strengthening love and spiritual commitment.

It is important to find the divine balance that holds one's feelings with compassion, without giving license to negative energies that would attempt to disrupt one's spiritual commitment. This is best learned through the experience of being with those souls and Teachers who have mastered this learning process.

We send all love and blessings to all those who are seeking comfort and strength during these times. Amen.
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