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Daily Blessings Issue #135 -- Repairing What Has Been Lost
January 17, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Repairing What Has Been Lost

At this time, during the beginning of the time of awakening, there are transitions happening for many. There are also many souls who have chosen to leave the realms of earthly life sat this time, for they have chosen to move onto their next steps in another arena of learning. It is important for those that remain on the Earth to honor, thank and forgive those loved ones who have moved on to another realm of learning. It is important also to understand that relationships and healing continue even after one has passed from the physical body, so that there may be continued healing and communication especially for those areas of relationship that were not possible to open while the soul was in physical form.

If it is possible for us to understand deeply that life continues in a smooth transition, from one dimension to another and from earthly existence to beyond, then our relationships can undergo a deepening and an opening that can continue even after a loved one has passed on to the spiritual realms. In this way much healing has happened for individuals and families who have undergone traumatic and sudden losses, or a loss where great interpersonal difficulties that were not resolved prior to the souls passage. The process of healing, of forgiveness and of love continues over time and beyond time. Many times when a soul is freed from the limitations of the physical body, more becomes possible in the way of real and authentic communication beyond the habitual roles that were learned during earthly life.

And so all of life continues to move forward towards greater love, greater wholeness and greater truth even during times of apparent separation when those close to us must move on to their soul's next steps. God's love continues the healing process and the continued awakening of all of humanity that is being activated at this time. We bless all those souls making passage at this time, and all those loved ones that will remain for this next phase of the awakening of the Earth and the awakening of all beings on the Earth and with the Earth in all realms of spiritual reality. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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