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Daily Blessings Issue #141 -- Renewal, Restoration and Rebirth
January 28, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Renewal, Restoration and Rebirth

As the pace of changes on the Earth accelerate, so does the need for all souls to develop within themselves the qualities of faith, perseverance, courage, strength of heart, and love. These qualities are the tools needed in the times ahead, and are available to all sincere hearts who wish to become closer to God and to experience the abundance of God's love and blessing.

Yesterday we spoke of the need to be willing to release that of the past which no longer serves the present and the future. Now, once the heart is freed from older baggage, there is greater possibility available for one of the great blessings of God's life, which is the power of God's Light to renew, restore and bring forth new life from that which appears to be unchanging, empty, hopeless and impossible.

Many stories exist of the miracles that God's love can work within a life. Now, at the dawning of a new time, there is more possibility than ever to receive this miracle of God's Light both individually and collectively for all of humanity. The despair and limitation that so many have lived with for so long, will be uplifted and transformed. As with all of God's gifts, these blessings will come not in the ways predicted or conceived of by the mind of man, but rather through the manifestation of God's heart, when least expected and through ways not knowable in advance.

Thus, in the daily process of aligning with God's love and God's life, the development of faith, and the development of inner intuitive guidance is so important. God's heart speaks to the heart of each soul through inspiration, through divine wisdom that is given in the stillness and quiet of contemplation, reflection and prayer. God's divine spark of renewal and rebirth moves through physically manifest life in this way, a dance in each moment of life that is constantly unfolding in new and unexpected ways.

We bless your work, your efforts and your intentions to live a spiritual life during these most challenging times. The daily steps taken by all souls, to become closer to God are seen, blessed, and appreciated by God and by those in the spiritual realms who are working to assist humanity in this time of transformation. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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