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Daily Blessings Issue #134 -- Releasing Old Burdens
January 13, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Releasing Old Burdens

The time of freedom is at hand. For all souls now there is new opportunity for personal freedom from the inner and outer bondages that have long held fast and created limitation, suffering and difficulty. There is also possible now the opportunity for collective freedom, and the creation of a new consciousness of God's love.

For those who have been imprisoned for a long time, it will take time to realize that a new day is dawning. For those who have endured ordeals that have led to exhaustion and despair, it will not seem apparent that a crack has appeared in the door that was previously locked shut. The appearance of things may be the same, but the reality is not the same, because a new vibration of God's love is now available, present, and growing quietly and steadily.

For those blessed with the awareness of this new Light, we ask you to help those of your brothers and sisters on the Earth who cannot yet see with hope the new that is arriving. Bring love, peace, comfort and healing, support them and assist them to connect with the inner divine spark of love that exists in all hearts.

With God's help, all souls will arrive at the doorway to new life that is being prepared and made available to all of humanity. This great blessing is for all of humanity. The nourishment of God's love will be the strength and the sustenance that will fortify all souls who are working to bring God's Light and love to the Earth. This love is available abundantly now, to all those who wish to receive it.

To receive God's holy love more fully, ask and pray that you be freed from long held burdens of the past. Pray for this release, for yourself and for your brothers and sisters on the Earth, and affirm this in your daily life by releasing all from your environment and consciousness that is no longer needed. Your letting go will create greater space for God's love to manifest in your heart, your consciousness, your relationships and your life.

Affirm daily your connection with God and with God's love. Affirm daily the new life that is growing quietly within, like a small seed that is preparing to poke through the ground to reach the sunlight soon. Affirm these blessings even in the midst of the apparent sameness of your physical environment.

One day the outer will shift to reflect the new inner reality that is being born. Celebrate that the time of freedom is at hand, and that old burdens can finally be released at the dawning of a new day. Read Cherries in the Spring and know that you are an active participant in this new life being born on the Earth. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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