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Daily Blessings Issue #129 -- The Release of Darkness
January 05, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Release of Darkness

At this time, there is a major release happening of energies of darkness that were previously held within the energy body of the Earth. These energies had become wedded to the physical structures of the Earth and embedded within them, limiting the amount of God's Light that could manifest within physical reality. These energies were produced by the consciousness of separation from God, and from many eons of human activities that were not in harmony with God's love.

This process of release is freeing up the Earth to expand into more of her true potential as a being and as the physically manifest nurturer of all life upon her. It is also creating great turmoil in the astral and auric realms, and within the individualized consciousness of people who are attuned to cosmic and spiritual energies. It is much like a storm, which clears away debris, but also creates great upheaval as old structures are released.

Additionally, the physical bodies of all beings upon the Earth are being transformed, as greater levels of God's Light can now begin to anchor within the cellular structures of the body. This transformation process opens and frees the consciousness, and also may create symptoms that require individuals to rest more, to drink more pure water, and to attend to part of the self that have been previously neglected.

There are those on the Earth who are present to assist with this process, by helping to absorb the energies of darkness that are being released, and by supporting the process of change both for individuals and for groups, so that new structures can be created that are more in harmony with God's love.

During this time you may find yourself guided or called into new directions, new locations, and new paths as these energies of darkness are transformed. As greater levels of God's Light become more available to consciousness, you will discover within yourself new potentials, new possibilities and a new reality of who you are and why you are here on the Earth at this time. You will be gradually freed from many of the limitations that exist currently in your life, as the new reality of God's life becomes more physically manifest on the Earth.

Celebrate this new time, which though largely invisible now, will begin to show itself in the springtime as the new buds of growth emerge from the seeds that have been planted in the long winter storms.

With all love and blessings, Amen.

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