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Daily Blessings Issue #068 -- The Purpose Of Faith
September 07, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Purpose Of Faith

Faith is not a concept to believe in, it is a living, cellular, body, mind, spirit and heart reality. Faith is the experience of being held completely in God's love.

Many of you have passed through a period of severe testing, with trials, tribulations and much suffering. These experiences have opened the doorway for you to be ready to receive the vibration of Faith, which is God's holy Light, into your body mind, spirit and heart.

This Light will open the doorways to a true, living reality of faith in God and in the goodness of God's love.

Praying for greater faith has opened this doorway some, and the grace of God's living Light and holy reality, manifested on the Earth will anchor this Light within you.

Your lives will be transformed as a result of this Divine influx of Light. The greater your preparation, the more Light you will be able to receive.

Freed from outer encumbrances, having let go of that which is no longer needed both within and without * (see below) you will have the maximum space within to receive the divine influx of Light.

The physical body may require more rest during this period of transition, so lying down quietly even for short periods will be helpful in further clearing out space in preparation to receive more of God's Light.

May your paths and your work be blessed during this holy time of transition. May all beings be blessed. Amen.

*For more guidance and assistance with the process of letting go, see Letting Go, Prepare For Change, and Release The Past. There are practical steps for this process offered in The Importance of Cleansing.
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