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Daily Blessings Issue #136 -- The Purification of Trust
January 18, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Purification of Trust

During humanity's long exploration of the experience of individualized consciousness, certain natural gifts and talents became dormant, as the focus of consciousness at this time was to discover the unique individual awareness.

Now, as humanity begins to rediscover the consciousness of connection, from the new vantage point of a more highly developed individualized consciousness, previously dormant gifts and abilities are now beginning to awaken. These gifts will make possible much more than has been possible for humanity, in solving the challenges of today's world.

At this moment, after such a long time of great suffering and difficulty for many souls, it is difficult to grasp that something new has come into the picture now that will shift the course that humanity has been on.

One of the reasons this is difficult is because much despair has accumulated, for individuals and in the collective energy bodies of the Earth. This despair developed during the long dark night of the soul of humanity, and has been amplified by negative energy forces that would have humanity believe that God is not real.

The advent of greater Light on the Earth is bringing about a deeper level of purification of these energies of despair that have accumulated within the collective consciousness of humanity and the energy bodies of the Earth. The greater Light releases the despair from its previously entrenched holding places, and brings it to the surface so it can be seen, felt and experienced. Some souls, who have dedicated their lives and their bodies to this task, have been absorbing these intense planetary energies into their own bodies, to open the possibility for greater Light to be felt on the Earth.

As the purification process continues and releases the energies of despair from the collective consciousness of humanity, so is there a related purification process that happens within individuals. Many souls have forgotten that God can be trusted, and that God's presence will heal them and bring wholeness to their lives. The purification of trust releases the barriers of separated consciousness, fear and despair that individuals carry that would keep them from a vibrant, daily living experience of God's reality in their lives.

And so at this time, when the process of purification is happening both individually and collectively, it is important that all souls have access to spiritual support, spiritual community and spiritual comfort. We encourage all those who are living a spiritual life to create a grounded, daily experience of connection with God in whatever ways most nourish and support you. This connection you create now will serve you now and also in the future when the foundation you have created within your own heart will serve as a beacon of Light to others. We give thanks for your work, your love and your commitment. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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