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Daily Blessings Issue #139 -- The Process of Purification
January 23, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Process of Purification

The greater Light that is being sent to the Earth at this time is bringing about an acceleration of the process of purification for individuals, groups and for the Earth herself. The greater Light is raising the vibrational frequency of all matter, bringing the world of physically manifested form into greater harmony with the spiritual realms.

For many eons the physical realms of the Earth have been separated from the higher dimensions of Light, to allow individuated consciousness the freedom to develop fully. Now, at the dawning of a new age there is a quickening, which many souls have come to participate in. This rapid acceleration of God's Light is bringing about dramatic changes on all levels of life. For the individual soul at this time, learning to navigate within this new emerging reality, there are tools available to help smooth the way and to support the transitions that are occurring.

It is important to understand that what is occurring is for the purpose of bringing all souls into greater alignment with their true being. What has been hidden and long denied within the soul is now able to be faced, with the love of God and with those fellow souls on the Earth who are engaged in the same process.

During this time, the higher vibrations of Light are creating an accelerated physical transformational process for all beings who are incarnated in physical form. Some feel this to a greater degree than others, and there are periods of discomfort as the physical body sheds the previous density of matter and opens more full to the greater Light that is now available.

For souls whose hearts long to love God and to serve God, the process of purification serves as the pathway towards the fullest and most complete expression of God's will manifesting. For this reason these teachings are made available to support and aid those on the path to attain the most complete and full immersion in God's holy Light and love. See The Process of Purification.

With love and blessings, to all those seeking God's love and Light. Amen.

Copyright 2006

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