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Daily Blessings Issue #091 -- Preparation for Change
October 14, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Preparation for Change

The momentous year of 2005 is now drawing to a close, and for the rest of this year will be a time to prepare to step forward in a greater way towards the manifestation of your soul's purpose, and towards the greater integration of your spiritual life and awareness with your material and practical life.

During this year many souls were brought into greater relationship with their essential being, sometimes strongly through large movements of energy. All beings on the Earth are receiving a greater infusion of God's Light now due to the dedicated work of so many Lightworkers, teachers and Masters at this time.

We are grateful for the dedicated work for all souls who are committing themselves to serve Spirit in the ways that they are called. Each single soul's commitment adds such Light and blessing to the world, more than you may be aware of consciously.

At this time it is not possible to rush a process that is organic and in God's hands. It is understandable to wish to see greater change, more manifestation of that which your heart longs to see, but we say to you that all things will come in God's time, in the natural flow of events.

If you listen regularly, each day, committed to serving God and to holding God's truth within your heart each day, all that you need to know will come to you at the right time. You will be guided to your next steps, and to find those that will help you to take those next steps.

At this moment you can prepare for the changes ahead by making ready within yourself the space to receive great change. Take care of loose ends. Discard that which is no longer needed. Clean house on all levels, including physically, in order to create an open vibration to receive the New.

With all blessings, all love, and all gratitude for your works on the Earth. This divine partnership amongst souls is a great gift for which we give thanks. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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