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Daily Blessings Issue #155 -- Points of Transition
February 21, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Points of Transition

In the ultimate reality, time and space do not exist, as all is one in the eternal present. In physically manifest reality, time and space exist as markers and boundaries, providing a framework for learning, growth and creative expression.

For those living a conscious spiritual life, there is an acceleration of life changes and transitions that occur as the influx of God's Light moves into the physical and energy bodies, and the consciousness of the individual. When this happens, it becomes more difficult to live with contradictions and those parts of life that no longer resonate with our soul's purpose. There becomes a greater and more imperative need for the soul to manifest itself in all aspects of life, and to keep nothing separate from God and one's spiritual life.

And so for those living a conscious spiritual life, there come one or more points of transition in life where one is asked to make a choice between an old way of being that is familiar, and a new life that is completely unknown. As the individual stands at the fork in the road, pondering the choices, God is always present and available in love and compassion available to support that soul in whatever choice is made.

Of the two choices, one will lead to greater and fuller expression of that soul's purpose; another will lead to less. The choice is always for the soul to make, with God's love shining equally on either choice, for all souls will come Home to God whether it be apparently sooner or apparently later.

The blessings of spiritual life are given to all those who put their trust and faith in God, no matter what the limitation of fear may have prevented that soul from fully embracing its calling. The door is always open for those who were not ready initially to answer the spiritual calling of their soul, for God welcomes all of His children Home with love and joy at whatever time they are ready. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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