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Daily Blessings Issue #063 -- Obedience and Discernment
August 31, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Obedience and Discernment

In some spiritual traditions there is emphasis placed upon obedience to God. This is a beautiful intention, filled with devotion and the desire to serve God fully and completely with one's whole being. Over time this spiritual quality of obedience has become confused with the obedience to external authorities such as religious or governmental institutions which may or may not fully embody God's love and truth.

There is a shift happening now within the consciousness of humanity, that has been in evolution for many thousands of years. This shift in focus is towards learning and experiencing one's own inner relationship with God. This development of an inner relationship with God allows a foundation to develop within the soul of inner moral center and authority.

How has this shift taken place? It has been a long evolutionary process that can be seen in the different levels of consciousness embodied in the Bible and other spiritual and religious texts. Initially humanity required the manifestation of God as external authority, before there was the experience of self awareness.

There is a new responsibility being asked of human beings now with the advent of self awareness and the consciousness of an awakened inner life.

As we come to know more fully who we are, freed from the boundaries of separated consciousness, we are asked also to develop greater discernment about ourselves, and also about the world around us.

That is why the simple training of meditation and self awareness is so important. If you have a pathway to your heart open, you can never be led astray by the opinions or false promised of others ... for your own inner moral compass, your own internal authority will always be available to you.

There are many opinions, many points of view on what is happening in the world today. There are also people in power who hold mixed motivations ... who are not only motivated by the desire to serve and better humanity, but who also carry within their hearts greed and the desire for power.

And what is discernment here? It is the ability to be able to sense and feel with one's whole body what is love, what is truth, what is right and what is wrong. It is the ability to be able to feel this within one's own self, independent of the many differing points of view around you, and independent of what others tell you is the truth.

That is where spiritual community and spiritual friendship become important. It is within sacred relationships of love and truth that the consciousness of discernment can develop, and where it becomes possible to know and experience a relationship of obedience to God within.

God speaks to each individual soul in unique ways. The true voice of God is one of love, that seeks always to nurture and uplift. God does not speak with the voice of hatred or threat. We are all sacred vessels for God's love. The greater purity we can embody, the clearer that message can shine through to uplift and nurture and inspire others.

We ask in the days ahead that you focus your attention on discernment ... to learn what is truth and what is not. You will be guided within this process, and it is an important learning.

To those beautiful and devoted souls with the desire to love and serve and obey God, we ask that you listen first always to your own heart and intuition, which is where God lives within you.

Much change lies ahead and your ability to know truth within your own heart will open not only your own path, but will benefit many others as well.

May all beings be blessed.
May all beings know peace
May all beings know God's love. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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