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Daily Blessings Issue #123 -- The New Earth
December 11, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The New Earth

At this time the physical and energy body of Mother Earth is entering a new phase of her transformational process. There is greater fluididty within her core, and on her surface there is a need for greater movement and flexibility. She is needing to shed an old energy structure, much as many human beings are undergoing the very same transformational process.

The New Earth that is coming into being will be existing in a very different vibrational frequency. At this time the energy matrix that surrounds the Earth is in a state of great flux, moving towards a major shift into a higher dimension of God's Light.

This transition process will happen over time, in phases, and there will be moments of great intensity as an old energy matrix is shed and a new influx of God's Light is received.

Undergoing this change requires great love and great faith for all involved. The Earth is supported by a host of celestial and physically embodied beings who are committed to assisting during this transition process. All those beings who are currently incarnated on the Earth, came with an understanding in their soul's awareness of the importance of this time. Each soul is here to accomplish very specific learning, growth and service.

It is our wish and hope to support this process, and so there is a development of this work that will one day provide Light to all those on the Earth who wish to participate in the new time that is arriving. We send all love and blessings to those who are with us in this work and who are laying the foundation for the New Earth that will be.

May all beings of the Earth be blessed. May all beings of the Earth be at peace. May all beings of the Earth know and feel the light of God's holy love, comfort and peace. Amen.

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