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Daily Blessings Issue #131 -- New Beginnings
January 10, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

New Beginnings

Today it is time to celebrate all that is new within your life and within the life of the world. Though much suffering exists at this time, there are new beginnings emerging now, beginning to show themselves tentatively like the first shoots of new life that emerge from the ground at springtime.

For many, these new and tender shoots may not even be visible, or they may not be recognizable. In God's garden, we do not always recognize what has been planted until the new life begins to emerge and take shape. For some, the new shapes and forms emerging are so different from anything previously known, that it will take time to grow into the full understanding and appreciation of the gift that has been given.

Trust fully in the new life that is emerging for you. Do not give attention or energy to the remnants of previous times that linger in your memory, consciousness or experience. For some, the emergence of the new has come at a high personal cost, and so there is trauma, grief and healing that needs to happen. God's love is needed as a balm to soothe the great suffering that has been.

There is a new time emerging, which some will be able to feel in the wind, in the silence, or in your dreams. For others, the new time is known to the soul but the personal experience appears unchanging, and so faith and trust is needed to continue forward even without the direct knowing of this.

We give thanks for all those who participate with us in bringing God's love and God's presence to the Earth and to all souls who hunger and thirst for healing. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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