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Daily Blessings Issue #158 -- Navigating Through Challenges
February 24, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Navigating Through Challenges

God's breath flows through all of life, through every situation and even through those events where it may seem that God has abandoned the situation. This is never the case, as God's love is always present even when His children take actions that are out of harmony with life, and even when choices are made that desecrate the sacred reality that God is.

During times of challenge it can be difficult to feel the presence of God's love upholding and supporting you. For this reason we recommend that all challenges and difficulties be met in partnership with God. Rather than seeing yourself as separate, and alone facing your challenges, see yourself as part of God, reaching out to God, and meeting your challenges with God at your side, in your heart, and surrounding and protecting you and your situation.

A prayer that can be helpful during these times is one such as this:
Most holy God, I ask and pray that you stand with me, beside me, within me and around me. I ask that you love, support, protect, uplift and sustain me. I ask to feel your divine holy presence in my heart and in my life. Amen.

All heartfelt prayers are heard by God and received and answered within God's wholeness and love, and within the larger context of your soul's purpose and destiny. Navigating through challenges with God, in partnership with God will open a new pathway of light and love and truth to enter your heart and soul. Navigating through challenges with God will bless all others that you meet who will benefit from the radiance of Light and love that emanates from your heart. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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