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Daily Blessings Issue #122 -- The Miracle of God's Creation
December 09, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Miracle of God's Creation

God's creation of physical matter, the physical Earth, and all beings of the physical world are a profound miracle of holy, divine manifestation. That which exists in the spiritual realms exists as a divine pattern, and it is God's holy Light and intention that creates the expression of this divine pattern into physically manifest form.

At this time, all of physical matter, everything in the physically manifest world of the Earth is undergoing a vibrational shift. Greater levels of God's Light are entering the atmosphere of the Earth, allowing for the divine expression of God's plan to manifest more directly within the hearts, minds and bodies of all of humanity.

For some, this time involves the experience of being catapulted into intense and sudden change. These changes may be difficult and support is needed to help those whose lives are so dramatically altered in such sudden ways.

For others, this time is one of homecoming, to a deeper connection with the true self as the layers of older identities that are no longer needed now release their grip upon the personality.

For all beings there is a sense of life being accelerated, moving quickly and with great unpredictability. There is now available a greater Light on the Earth that will eventually allow for the creation of new forms of government, new social and economic structures, new forms of relationship and family, and a new relationship with the Earth itself.

The miracle of God's creation on Earth has always existed, however there was previously a veil of separation that kept the experience of physical life separate from that of spiritual life. This veil is now being lifted, and the seeds of Light have been planted so that one day, all of life will be known and felt to be a sacred life, a spiritual life ... God's life.

We are entering a holy time of completion, homecoming and great transition. Like all new beginnings, there will be many challenges and there will be forces that arise to oppose the new Light that is emerging. These will not stop the forward movement of God's Light, but will cause periods of disruption and distress.

During these times, developing a firm anchoring in spiritual life will not only support your own peace in the times ahead, but will be a great support to others around you, and to the Earth itself who will benefit from the greater Light that you carry in your consciousness.

The daily focus you place on your spiritual life is important not just for yourself, but for all of humanity and for the Earth itself. We give great thanks for your work and your faith, which is helping to support this time of transition.

May all beings be blessed with God's holy, divine love. Amen.

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