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Daily Blessings Issue #147 -- Merging Two Realities
February 09, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Merging Two Realities

The creative force of God exists always in both potential and manifested form. During this time of major planetary transition, it is important to understand that the seeds of the future are being planted now, and that our actions in the present moment affect those who will come after us.

The presence of greater light on the Earth is bringing into being a new reality and a new consciousness. At the same time, there exists simultaneously an older reality and consciousness, that which has been manifest up to this point, and which eventually will transform into its higher counterpart within the physical dimensions.

These two realities are now both vibrationally manifest upon the Earth. The old reality is heavily entrenched within the physical dimensions of space and time, and within the consciousness and thought forms of most of humanity. The new reality is vibrating at a higher frequency within the energy bodies of the Earth, and within the energy bodies and the consciousness of many lightworkers, teachers and masters who are physically incarnated at this time.

These two realities, existing simultaneously together within the Earth, are creating a dynamic tension which will eventually set into motion changes of a large scale nature for both humanity and for the Earth. Individuals at this time are also experiencing this tension that is manifesting within consciousness, in the body, and in life events which are catalyzing crises, large scale life changes, major shifts of consciousness, dramatic awakenings, and intense emotions.

The way through this time of transition is through the embodied experience of God's reality and God's love, which is a soothing balm to the spirit, the heart, the mind and the body. God's love is present and available to all those who seek it. Through earnest prayer, and regular periods of quiet, meditation, and rest, God's love will become visible and perceivable to all those who long for it, and God's heart will guide all seeking souls to find that which they most need.

At this time it is important to be patient with the manifestations of the old reality that still remain firmly entrenched within physical form, and to trust God's timing with respect to the changes that will come. Living each moment with God in the present moment will allow for peace, trust and faith to develop a firm foundation in the heart, mind and body.

We wish to offer love, support and encouragement to all those seeking to live a life that is grounded in God's love. With faith, perseverance and humility, all of God's children who seek, will arrive home to the true origins of God's pure and divine love. Amen.

Copyright 2006

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