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Daily Blessings Issue #157 -- Listening Within
February 23, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Listening Within

The voice of God's truth speaks within the heart of each soul at all times. Though the inner truth is always present, there are many ways that the human embodied self can become disconnected from this inborn natural wisdom.

First, there is social conditioning which at the present time is focused on other priorities, rather than the ability to know and feel the presence of God. Peers, parents, teachers and other authorities may discourage the inner gifts, intuitions, and guidance that a young person exhibits.

Additionally, tendencies within the individual can be activated which cause doubt, confusion, or in some cases an active rebellion against that divine inner source that nourishes and sustains the soul.

When this happens, the person can find themselves in a quandary at best, or a crisis at worse. These two opposing energies can cause much distress within the soul: one the voice of the inner wisdom and love, and the other, the voice of fear, doubt or rebellion

When this is the case, it is helpful for the person involved to receive loving support to regain their inner connection with God's truth. This should be done with love, not through coercion, manipulation or force. The individual involved must be willing to receive help, and must be willing to take actions that will support the re-establishment of their connection with their heart and with their experience of God's love.

As the inner balance is regained, the soul learns a valuable lesson about the process of discernment. This learning is important for all souls present on the Earth at this time. The wisdom to perceive God's truth and to be able to feel the presence of God's love is necessary for the times ahead. It will be necessary to see and feel and discern through intuition the truth present in any situation. This skill will prevent deception and the dangers involved with a soul being led astray, into a direction that was not intended or wanted.

We are sorry to speak of such things at this time, however these realities exist and must be addressed. Your ability to know and feel God's love and God's truth is a great gift both to your own life and also as a contribution to the lives of others who may not yet know how to find their way back to this divine inner source of wisdom.

We bless your efforts and give thanks for your spiritual work in the world. Each soul present on the Earth at this time serves a divine purpose, and you are serving your divine purpose through your actions, intentions and your learning process. With all love, gratitude and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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