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Daily Blessings Issue #075 -- The Light Body
September 22, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Light Body

It is God's plan that all of creation will come to know Him directly as a living reality. There is a new manifestation on the Earth of this process which is possible know at this time, the time of activation. God's Light is now manifesting as a direct, tangible presence on the Earth, and the strength of this Light is enabling a transformation of the physical body.

As the higher frequencies of Light become more firmly established within physical matter, the cells of the body become quickened. Consciousness is also accelerated, both the awareness of a longing in the heart for God, and also the awareness of one's inner separation from God. (See The Process of Purification ).

As the frequencies of Light increase, the vibratory rate of the energy body is also raised. This process is affecting all of life on the Earth, and the body of the Earth herself. The increased Light may meet blockages within the physical and energy bodies, which can cause unusual, at times even extreme body symptoms.

Those most receptive to Light, and those seeking a deeper connection with God are most affected by this increase in Light. As the body itself changes to vibrate at a higher rate, there is a process activated within the consciousness and energy bodies. Humanity does not yet fully understand the importance of this evolutionary transition.

The first to embody these changes more fully are the Light workers, teachers and Masters who will assist others to awaken and move through this transition. As more souls begin to embody God's Light within their bodies, the Earth Herself will benefit from this.

The influx of Light will move from the spiritual realms through those embodying Light, into the Earth. The vibratory rate of the Earth will increase even more enabling more souls to experience God's reality.

Light within the Earth will liberate a new possibility for all of creation. Life itself will transform as human beings come to know their relationship with the living being of the Earth. When she is loved, revered and respected by humanity, Her ability to nourish and support all of life on her will be greatly increased.

This marvelous and never before seen partnership will emerge between the spiritual realms, humanity, and the spiritual realms of the Earth. Such a sacred and beautiful partnership is already beginning. You are participating in this process through your loving commitment to God and the transformation of your own being. We bless your work and deeply appreciate all you are doing to create greater love, peace, and harmony on the Earth and within your own being.

May all beings be blessed.
May all beings experience Light and peace.
May all beings know and feel God's holy love. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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