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Daily Blessings Issue #090 -- Lifting the Spirit
October 13, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Lifting the Spirit

During times of difficulty it is common for people to feel depression. This is understandable when facing obstacles and challenges, however at this time there is also great Light available on the spiritual level that can be a source of comfort, nourishment and strength.

It is important during difficult times to schedule regular intervals of activities that will lift the spirit and refresh the soul. This should not be seen as frivolous, but as necessary to life, just as food, water, shelter and air are essential.

Any activity that puts you in touch with your heart, and with God's reality, can be a source of nourishment and comfort. Whether it be reading holy texts, writing poetry, singing, meditating, praying, walking in nature, gardening, swimming or other physical activities, spending time with loved ones, going to church or temple, confiding in a trusted advisor ... all of these things can lift the spirit, bring comfort to the heart and help give strength to the soul.

Lifting the spirit is essential also for the larger consciousness of the Earth, to help assist those who are suffering in more extreme ways. Your ability to tap into God's love and Light and to feel this within your own being contributes to the current of love, prayer and faith that supports and sustains these souls who are enduring such extreme hardship.

With all love and blessings, we send this prayer that all beings may be nourished and all spirits be lifted by God's holy grace and peace. Amen.
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