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Daily Blessings Issue #059 -- The Awareness of Inner Guidance
August 26, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Awareness of Inner Guidance

How do you open yourself to your own inner guidance? Intuition and inner wisdom are spoken of but rarely are we taught how to directly access this within ourselves.

Here are four simple steps that can open your intuition and spiritual guidance.

  1. Make regular time every day to meditate and pray. Take at least 15 minutes once or twice a day. In order to listen to your inner wisdom, you must first create the space in your life for this. Ask that your inner guidance be opened. This intention and prayer will open the path.

  2. Create an altar. Meditate and pray each day in a sacred space within your home that you have created. This can be as simple as a candle on a table or an elaborate space you fill with meaningful sacred objects and symbols of your faith.

    This sacred space will take on a higher vibration as you meditate and pray there everyday, and will positively benefit your entire home environment. The act of creating an altar is a powerful energetic and spiritual event, that will bring your everyday life into a sacred vibration.

  3. Practice listening within to be aware of flashes of inspiration or other intuitive information. This will come suddenly, when you least expect it. The rational mind's first tendency will be to discount the guidance because it seems out of place. Your job is simply to learn to listen, without judgment. Just observe and learn.

  4. Use creative expression such as drawing, painting, writing, singing or dance, to open your awareness to intuitive wisdom. The body itself contains much intuitive and cellular wisdom that can be tapped directly through authentic movement. Write, draw, sing, or dance from your heart, freeing yourself completely, allowing the full depths of your awareness to open.
All souls contain within themselves the complete inner knowledge of their divine purpose, their past, present and future, and of how to navigate the challenges have been taken on in the present lifetime. These four simple steps, if done regularly and with intention, will open a pathway to a deeper connection with your soul's inner wisdom and guidance.

This skill is one of the most important skills to cultivate at this time on the Earth. Your connection with guidance will help you to navigate through any situation, and will teach you how to allow God to guide your steps.

When the world around you is confusing and it is not clear what direction to go in, your inner guidance and heart will always provide the answer. This is the true security and safety, which you receive from being fully connected with God's holy presence.

May all beings be blessed with Godís holy love and comfort. May all beings know and feel their connection with the divine. Amen

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