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Daily Blessings Issue #125 -- Inner and Outer Storms
December 15, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Inner and Outer Storms

There are times on the spiritual path when it is difficult to see ahead of you to even know how to take the next step. If you have ever had the experience of attempting to walk through a snowstorm or a sandstorm, this is the physical expression of these moments of peak intensity when everything is in upheaval, sweeping away the old so that something new can come to take its place.

At times like these often there is not an inner, felt sense of direction but rather a sense of being swept forward through forces not in one's control. It is common for the human, embodied self to feel fear at these times. For those on the spiritual path there is training involved in navigating through life's inner and outer storms. The opportunity to anchor firmly to God's reality, to God's love, and to God's promise is the great gift of these times.

It is not always possible to remember God in moments of crisis or great intensity, but there is a way through the difficulty that has to do with your intention to anchor yourself to God, even if you donít' know quite how. In fact, it is common during these times to have no idea how you will get through a situation. The importance is in your intention to stay connected to God no matter what is going on around you or within you.

Many souls have come to Earth at this time to learn this, and to help others to learn this. All that is happening spiritually on the Earth is preparing the way for a greater influx of God's Light that will one day dramatically shift the consciousness of humanity, returning all souls to the remembrance of their Oneness with all of creation.

The foundation for this awakening is being prepared now, and you are an integral part of this process. Your consciousnesses, your intention, your choices, have an important impact on the timing and unfoldment of God's plan. All that you say and do carries energy, a vibration that goes out into the world and affects others in the sacred web of God's life. This ancient spiritual truth is expressed even in modern day stories such as the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" which dramatizes the impact of one man's life on so many others.

This is a great gift that you have been given, to bring God's Light and love to the world at this time. We cherish your presence and your work here with us, and give great thanks for all that you are doing. With all blessings, Amen.

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