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Daily Blessings Issue #166 -- Infusion of God's Light
March 09, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Infusion of God's Light

The realms of spirit are now infusing the world of physically manifest form with higher vibrations of God's Light. This shift in vibration previously was happening more slowly, and now has accelerated in pace.

The result of this change is that all those physically incarnated upon the Earth are experiencing a change of vibration. Some have already begun to notice this because of subtle or not so subtle changes in their physical or energy bodies.

Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and resurgence of old chronic physical ailments are the most common of these manifestations. The greater Light is bringing about a deeper purification of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

During this vibrational change, it will be helpful to consciously choose to support your body by drinking more pure water, by resting more, and by following the intuitive guidance you are given about what your body needs during this time.

The current time feels to the physical body much like what a person in an airplane experiences. The body is suddenly lifted off the ground quickly. There is some disorientation, the ears may pop and the insides of the body may feel that they are still on the ground. Once in the air, eventually the body goes through an adjustment to the higher altitude.

For some the infusion of Light is accelerating the release of energies of darkness carried within the body, mind and emotions. This can cause resurgence of old energy patterns, emotions from the past, and can also bring about the perception that things in your life are moving backwards instead of forwards. The reason for this is that the greater Light has accelerated the release of old pain and burdens from the past. The ultimate result will be greater freedom, however in the moment it may seem as though the past has returned.

It is important to understand that the past has not returned, and can no longer return, for a new pathway has been created spiritually that is beginning a new period of re-alignment for all of humanity. All those who wish to move forward into God's love and God's reality will be given this great blessing, and even deeply entrenched patterns from the past will no longer hinder the forward movement of souls.

Another manifestation of the infusion of God's Light is the increasing acceleration of change for individuals and for humanity as a whole. Large and life changing events may come, unexpected, to completely transform reality and one's experience of life. To meet and flow with changes, in peace, faith and courage will allow you to traverse the new terrain of your soul that is being revealed with each step forward into greater Light.

There are many new supports being readied at this time, so that all who wish to enter the new reality of God's love manifesting on Earth can receive guidance and assistance to make this holy passage. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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