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Daily Blessings Issue #064 -- Hope For the Future
September 01, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Hope For the Future

There is much distress and suffering the world today. It appears to be on the increase and many people of heart feel distressed and helpless about what to do, how to help so much suffering.

Social and economic systems are in flux which creates an uncertain future for millions of people. There is fear and despair, and feelings of hopelessness about the magnitude of challenges before us.

Where is hope to be found? You may not see it immediately, but be patient to open the eyes of our heart to see evidence of and hear the voice of the awakening human spirit.

Hear voices the voices of victims of hurricane Katrina speaking gratitude for Godís love that is holding and sustaining them through the disaster. Hear the voices of those who are awakening to God's love in their hearts, and a renewed understanding of what is most important in life.

See the renewed vigor with which God is being held within people's lives. See the personal and spiritual transformation that is happening for many people, even those of visibility that one would not expect, such as US President Bill Clinton who received a spiritual awakening after his time in office.

Never before has so much Light been present upon the Earth for transformation. The pains of birthing of this new vibration will be strong, but a new reality is being created, one of great beauty and majesty.

Understand with wisdom the process of purification that is happening both individually and collectively. Hope for the future can be heard in the thousands of hearts and voices of Light and peace and healing that are speaking on the planet, each with their own unique and precious vibration.

Hope for the future can be found within your own heart which holds the key to your unique soul's purpose and destiny, and your reason for being here on the Earth at this momentous time.

Learn to listen to this voice, the voice your heart the voice of humanity's collective heart, the voice of God speaking through the hearts of many to awaken humanity.

A new era is being born, and you are present, participating with it and contributing your Light and love to it. Ask your heart, and ask God, what you can do to help in these times. You will be guided to great joy and great satisfaction to your mission and purpose.

You are greatly loved, and watched over at every moment.

May all beings be awakened.
May all beings know and feel God's holy presence on Earth.
May all beings be loved. Amen

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