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Daily Blessings Issue #058 -- Holiness
August 25, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,


The vibration of holiness and sacredness is a great gift from God. You may be able to sense holiness in special places, while sitting at your altar, in meditation, at church, mosque or temple, or in the presence of a special servant of God.

Holiness is a rare and special gift, not often appreciated in today's culture. People who carry cynicism, despair, or whose hearts are closed cannot perceive God's holiness because the doorways to the heart have become clogged.

For some, the presence of God's holiness brings to light parts of the self that they are ashamed of and would prefer to avoid. The avoiding becomes preferable to the risk of fully exposing ourselves, with all our faults and limitations, to God's pure and holy divine presence.

There are some souls who can perceive God's holiness but choose to not fully receive it, for fear of the unknown. There is fear that we will be swept away with God's Light and majesty, and lose control of our lives.

All souls contain the essence of God's pure Light and divine holiness, for we are created in His image. All souls are given the choice to receive this beautiful blessing.

For each soul there is divine timing of when that soul is ready to receive more of God's Light and blessings and holiness.

If fear is stopping you, surrender this to God, and ask to receive more of His holy divine presence within you.

The experience of holiness is a great gift, a blessing that is both your soul's origin and its destiny.

Embrace the holiness within and around you, and in the hearts and souls of your fellow travelers on the Earth who are your brethren.

We leave you with this, as there is a change coming to the form of these transmissions. With God's blessed love and peace we pray that all brings be blessed. Amen

Note from Mashubi -- Those that guide me have assured me that the Daily Blessings will continue, and that the content, form, timing, and vibration of the messages will always be fluid. They have said that this is intended to respond to the evolving circumstances and needs of those of us receiving the messages.

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