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Daily Blessings Issue #151 -- Healing The Past
February 16, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Healing The Past

In the long journey of a soul into the experience of physical incarnation, many experiences and challenges present themselves. Some of these experiences were chosen prior to incarnation, for the purposes of learning or service to others. Other experiences are unexpected, not planned for, as the result of the constant interplay of free will and choice for all souls in both the physical and non-physical dimensions.

When these experiences are difficult or traumatic, the embodied self must go through a healing process to release the pain of what has been, so that a new chapter of life can open. If this is not possible, there is created a feedback loop of pain, based on past traumas, that will repeat itself energetically, emotionally and even physically.

The feedback loop that becomes established after a trauma is initially put in place as the primal body's defense against violation, threat, or attack. In order for the body to heal, love and light must be present, and a steady routine of new events that teach the body that the old pain is no longer happening in the present.

This healing process can take time, as the mind and the emotions must also slowly grasp that something new is occurring, that the previous trauma is not playing itself out again. Events that are similar to the trauma can trigger a flood of thoughts and feelings and memories of the past that can make it seem as though the past is being re-lived.

What makes the healing possible is the steady presence of love and God's Light, which will over time release the stored energies from the past, and will replace these with a new vibration that is more in harmony with the soul's original intent.

The purging of a traumatic event from the body, mind, and spirit can take days, weeks, months, years or even lifetimes to accomplish, depending on the strength of the soul and the amount of love present to bring healing.

At this time there is greater Light present on the Earth, available to assist all souls to accomplish all healing that was not previously possible. This greater Light can be accessed through prayer, meditation, and through the sincere intention of the heart. Even deeply entrenched patterns of darkness, addiction, trauma and pain are now ready to be released into the greater light of God.

There are forces which seek to prevent this new level of healing, existing within individuals as self sabotaging behaviors, and on a cosmic level that seek to prevent this greater global healing process from manifesting. These forces exist more potently at the present time, due to the acceleration of God's Light, which is manifesting more strongly now within human consciousness and within the energy body of the Earth.

The actions of these forces are temporary, and cannot prevent the expansion of God's Light, but in their potency can bring about fear, doubt and despair. The presence of steady spiritual support within your daily life is necessary at this time, to support the seeds of love, light and blessings that are now being sown.

If you do not yet have a regular, daily spiritual support system, now is the time to arrange this. Meditation, prayer, worship at temple, church or mosque, a spiritual support group, singing, doing spiritually oriented yoga, taking daily walks in nature, gardening ... all these and more are ways you can tap into the divine source of God's holy love and Light.

At this time all lightworkers, teachers and Masters incarnated on the Earth are being shifted into a new level of being and consciousness, in order to provide the spiritual support needed for the times ahead. For some the shifting process is wrenching and accelerated, for others there is ease and grace in moving forward into a new level of being. With certainty, those that have incarnated upon the earth to be of service are receiving their final adjustments that will allow their work to begin fully and completely.

Those whose work involves the purification process will find themselves greatly embattled at this time, for the energies of darkness are present in full measure to oppose this new level of awakening that is transpiring. Take heart, for there is a new day dawning which will bring into balance all that has long been out of harmony with God's love. Nourish yourself fully and receive strength from the love that is present that will carry you safely into the next level of your being. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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