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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #032 -- Healing Despair
July 26, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Healing Despair

The human response to great difficulty or trauma or depression can often lead to the experience of despair - the feeling that there is no meaning to one's life, that life is not tolerable or bearable or worth living. This is a very painful and tormented state, one which causes much suffering for those afflicted.

The energy of despair comes because the soul is not able to perceive God's Light or God's presence within whatever difficult experience is happening. The soul perceives itself to be alone, without love or hope or comfort or meaning.

We who are not currently within physical form, but have experienced physical life many times, wish to offer our compassion and love for those experiencing the torments of despair.

While a soul is experiencing despair, it feels very real ... and at it's core, the energy of despair is illusion. It is not real because God's love is always holding and supporting the soul no matter what events are being experienced.

We send our deepest love and compassion, and the reminder that just underneath this very painful experience is the greater Light and greater life of Spirit which is holding you and guiding you. This Light of Spirit is you, for you are that love and Light.

May all beings be blessed with the knowing of God's love. May all beings be at peace. Amen.

Many Options and Possibilities

Today's guidance from the tarot is the Magician, which is the second "major" card in the tarot itself. The symbology of the tarot includes what are called "major" cards which express important steps in the soul's development, and "minor" cards such as the ace, two, three four, which express how these lessons are carried out in everyday life.

The symbol of the Magician represents an important time in our soul's development where we are asked to tune in to our soul's innate creativity, and to be open to many options, possibilities, and potential directions that are emerging right now. There is an influx of new energy being sent to us, which allows us to think in new ways and to be open to things we may not have considered previously. We are asked to use all parts of ourselves, and to draw upon all the inner and outer resources at our disposal, to meet challenges and take steps forward in our lives and in our spiritual mission.

The card depicts a man in white with a red shawl, an infinity sign over his head, raising his right hand to the heavens. His right hand holds a staff, and on the table in front of him are four objects which represent the four "suits" of the tarot.

On the table there is a cup, representing the element of water and the energy of love, healing and relationships. There is a sword, representing the element of air and the energy of truth, communication, and the ability to cut through illusion. There is a wand, which resembles the staff of a tree, that represents the element of fire and the energy of identity, life force, and creativity. There is a disc, which resembles a gold plate with a star on it, that represents the earth element and the energy of work, home, the physical body, and the experience of being grounded on the physical plane.

The Magician has access to all of these elements and energies, and he is perfectly balanced and in harmony with his divine nature. This card encourages us to celebrate this new level of our being that opens new possibilities for us.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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