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Daily Blessings Issue #062 -- The Guidance of Spirit
August 30, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Guidance of Spirit

Your life, no matter how mundane, routine or unimportant it may seem, is guided by spirit. All souls who have come to the Earth have a support team of loved ones from the spiritual realms to guide them, teach and comfort them, and to assist them in fulfilling their life mission and purpose.

At times of major change and transformation these guardians, also known as guardian angels, will be more present and available to assist, and you may notice their increased activity and communication. During quieter times in your life you may not even be aware of their presence - but they are always present with loving attentive support.

Some children are aware of their guides and may speak to parents about this. Parents may think of these as "invisible friends" and they are correct, as the child is connecting with those loved ones that guide them from spirit.

How can you become more attentive to those that guide you, and to their messages? All that is needed is

  1. willingness to be open to guidance
  2. sincere prayer and desire
  3. quiet time in your life to be able to listen
  4. willingness to suspend your judgments

Most people have been taught to discount your intuition and the voice of your heart, which are the primary vehicles used to communicate spiritual guidance.

For those who have consciously committed themselves to a spiritual path, the process of purification will over time naturally open the intuition and inner perceptions.

The guidance of spirit is available to you here and now to assist you with your daily life and also to assist with major decisions and movements of change. Learn how to trust the still small voice of intuition, which speaks to you with love and trust, repeating itself as often as necessary.

Over time you will come to learn to trust how you are being guided in your life. You will learn that you are not alone, and this knowledge and experience will be a support and a light to others. The learning you experience now will be a support to others in the future. Thus your own journey contributes to the upliftment of all beings.

May all beings be connected with love and truth
May all beings know and feel the support of spirit in their lives
May all beings be blessed. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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