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Daily Blessings Issue #161 -- Gratitude Expanding
March 02, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Gratitude Expanding

The breath of God's Light and life is now rippling through the physically manifest world in a new way, expanding the possibilities for all beings to move forward spiritually on all levels.

God's life is expanding upon the Earth, and the Earth herself receives this new life and Light with gratitude and love and expectancy. In some part of her consciousness, the Earth knows this new light and knows of the steps to come that follow this new awakening within her.

Now the trees, the rocks, the oceans, the rivers, the many varied forms of life that live on the Earth are nourished in a new way by the force of God's creation, which is opening a new pathway for their manifestation into a new vibration of holiness and of Light.

This sacred awakening arrives with much gratitude from those who have waited long for the arrival of this new Light. As more become aware of what is transpiring, the presence of gratitude as a vibration will grow and expands along with the new Light and love that is present.

The presence of this new Light is also a signal to those energies that would wish to disrupt this awakening. The Light cannot be stopped, but the forces of negativity and darkness will attempt to disrupt what is occurring. We say to you with conviction and certainty that the Light will continue to expand, and that those energies wishing to disrupt and sabotage the process cannot gain a foothold any longer in the energy body of the Earth.

What is most important now for those hearts who love God and who seek the light and peace and truth and love of God, is to remain steadfast in the knowledge of God's love as the strongest and most enduring force in the universe. Know with certainty that the energies of darkness cannot and will not remain in the ascendant on the Earth. Your own individual consciousness is one of the most potent antidotes to the energies of darkness.

In order to fully embody this knowledge, which your soul already knows, it is necessary to have the awareness and intention to purify your own consciousness so that the energies of darkness will have no place within you to gain a foothold in your awareness.

Most souls on the earth have lived many lifetimes, and have an accumulated host of memories and experiences. As the presence of God's Light illuminates consciousness, what has not been able to be healed previously comes into awareness, passes through the body, mind, and energy bodies, and is released. An awareness of what this process is, and of how to support it, can assist you in becoming free of old emotional and energetic baggage that is now ready to be let go of.

The freer you are, the more you can stand with God's love, no matter what is happening around you. You will be able to hear the seeds of the New that are now here on the Earth preparing the way for the magnificent transformation that is to come.

There are supports to this process that are being prepared now, so that you will be able to meet the new day that is arriving with the full measure of God's love and support, and with the support of many spiritual brethren that are walking the same path as you, and seeking God's Light with love and purity in their hearts. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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