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Daily Blessings Issue #099 -- Gradual Progress
October 28, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Gradual Progress

Sometimes spiritual transformation and healing happens suddenly and with great fanfare, as a wave of God's Light and love sweeps into your life and you are changed forever.

These times of grace are blessings, and yet this is not the only way that healing happens. Some of the most profound changes happen through time, through the gradual and steady progress that is made as a soul learns to adapt and flow and grow with the lessons that life is offering.

It is important to honor and respect the learning that happens day to day, over time, which produces lasting and permanent spiritual transformation. This learning over time can only happen in the presence of ongoing faith and spiritual support, which nourishes the soul and the spirit and gives strength to endure through challenges.

Honor and bless the daily learning in your life, which God has sent to heal and transform you. Anchor yourself to your faith and to the spiritual supports in your life, and joyfully receive all the nourishment, love, and comfort that God is sending to you at this time.

May all beings be blessed. May all beings receive peace, love and healing. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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