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Daily Blessings Issue #076 -- A Global Consciousness
September 25, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

A Global Consciousness

The consciousness of all of humanity is rapidly changing. Your own day to day consciousness is an important part of this evolution. How you respond to life events and where you choose to focus your attention and intention at each moment defines the vibration and energy that you deposit into the collective consciousness of humanity.

Additionally, your focus of consciousness can be a tremendous healing support for those beings going through difficult times. Your prayers and compassionate awareness of your fellow souls, even those that you do not know personally, can greatly aid them. During this time of growing global crisis, your consciousness and how you hold these events can make the difference between God's Light entering a situation more or less. Your consciousness can also make a difference in how much negativity is expressed in a situation or not. ( See The Choice for Consciousness )

Most people do not realize the awesome power of their thoughts to affect and shape reality. We ask you at this time to make a devotion in your heart to God, a commitment to activating a consciousness God's love. This consciousness of God's love is one that includes the sacredness of all of life. Therefore, the consciousness of God's love becomes a global consciousness of love held in the heart of each one, and shared with all.

Such a global consciousness of love will bring healing to your heart and to all of the Earth, and to all beings of the Earth. We ask that you commit yourself to this, if you heart is so called, so that the many beings who are suffering can receive greater healing through the awakened consciousness of love and prayer on the Earth.

May all beings be in service to God's love.
May all beings receive and share God's holy blessings. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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