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Daily Blessings Issue #124 -- The Gift Within
December 13, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Gift Within

At all times, God is present within you to teach, heal, support and guide you. This is true for all souls, and is even more so for those who consciously seek a deeper relationship with God.

This ever-present relationship is one of the greatest gifts that God gives to all souls. This great gift, of God's ever-present love and presence, is one that many do not yet experience consciously.

The time has now arrived when it is possible to have a greater experience of God's reality and presence. The presence of God is felt in many different ways, as each soul is created to receive and experience God's love uniquely.

There are times in the process of purification when the soul has difficulty experiencing God's presence. This has been know in the past as the Dark Night of the Soul, when the Light of God is not available to the perception of the individual. It is important to know during these times, that the Light has not left the soul, only the perception and experience of the Light. This passage is a temporary one that eventually results is a joyful reunion of the soul with God.

For other souls, it may be difficult to experience God's presence and love, because there have been layers of defense built up around the heart that limit the ability to feel love. When the soul is ready to open the heart again, old wounds can heal and the doorways to a renewed experience of God's love can open.

What great joy awaits those who love God and who seek a deeper relationship with the Divine! As the Light of God's love grows on the Earth, more people are able to experience God's love. The profound transformation and redemption that is possible at this time is beyond anything previously known to humankind.

This profound time is one to be embraced with great gratitude, love and humility. God's gifts and blessings are showering down upon humanity for all those who are willing and open to receive. Though the energies of darkness and difficulty are still very apparent acting upon the world stage, a New Light has been born that is available to bless, heal and transform all souls with God's holy love and forgiveness.

We send love and blessings to all souls journeying with us, and we bless all those whose hearts desire to receive and share Godís love. We give great thanks for your work in the world, for the love that you bring each day to your fellow human beings at this time.

May all beings be richly blessed with God's holy love. Amen.

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