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Daily Blessings Issue #057 -- The Gift Of Love
August 24, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Gift Of Love

In todayís world there is intense change happening at every level - social, political, and economic systems are rapidly changing, sending many people scrambling for alternatives to customary forms of work, relationships and family.

The Earth herself is changing rapidly, creating unpredictable weather, natural disasters, displacements and loss of life for many individuals.

The human body and consciousness is transforming at a rapid rate as well, due to the increase in the presence of God's Light on the planet, which accelerates the process of purification and transformation.

As the purification process progresses, the energy bodies begin to carry more of Godís love and Light, which transforms the physiology and also the consciousness of the person.

What a lot of change is happening all at once! This acceleration can create enormous stress for individuals, stress that in some cases can lead to a person "freaking out" as it is called.

Much of this stress can be alleviated by the gift of love. During this time, make a commitment to share more love with others. Also commit yourself to bringing more love into your own life so that you are well supported in all that you are going through. Find others of like mind and like heart to share with. Ask and you shall find -- make the gift of love a priority in your life.

God's love is precious and can uplift, heal and comfort all those who participate in its holy vibration. Love is not needy, fearful or clinging. Loving is giving and free and generous. Love is not false or saccharine, it is genuine, truthful and open. Love opens the way in all situations. Love makes possible even that which seems impossible, intractable, un-redeemable, broken or stuck.

Give yourself and your fellow souls on Earth the gift of love today and see how your life opens and transforms.

May all beings find comfort and peace during times of change. Amen.

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