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Daily Blessings Issue #167 -- Gathering Together God's Children
March 11, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Gathering Together God's Children

To our dearest readers, website visitors, and all those who seek the heart of God, a new time is upon us. We wish to support the gathering together of all children of God, in love and harmony. There is a new seed of God's Light on the Earth now, one that will soon take root and eventually sprout visibly above the ground for all to see.

At this time there is a movement forming on the spiritual levels, much like the motion of the waves in the ocean. The wave is forming first within consciousness, and later on will manifest on the physical levels. It is a wave of God's love, reappearing on the horizon for those who have longed for this but who have not been able to feel God's presence. It is growing and gathering momentum, and will one day call all of God's children home to their hearts, the heart of their true self.

At such a time as this, new supports are needed to assist all hearts who are journeying home to God. Pay attention to the inner guidance you receive at this time, which will lead you forward in your path, and connect you with other souls of like mind and like heart who can support you in your journey.

The gathering together of God's children is a joyous and inclusive event, open to all souls who desire a greater and deeper connection with God's heart. To participate, allow your heart to open fully to God and to life. Allow your heart to sing out in full measure with your soul's own unique voice. Sing out to the heavens, to the Earth, to all divine beings, to all beings on the Earth; sing out to God and to yourself. Let the full expression of your soul's unique embodiment be present here on the Earth now. Sing with your heart, with your voice, with your joy and with your tears.

The ringing forth of your own unique, precious soul's vibration will activate a new movement within your being. As your soul's essence is expressed and shared freely by your willingness to let yourself shine, so will this expression activate a process of gathering together in your life.

Those souls you are meant to connect with will appear at the right time. Those groups you are meant to connect with will come into your life. Those beings you are already deeply connected with will be moved with you, riding on the wave to the next phase of their life and their relationship with you.

The time of gathering together is a joyous one, and yet during times of transition there is also grief that may come. Grief may come for those paths you were on that no longer hold life for you, that must be released. It may come for those relationships that have ended, or moved to greater distance. Grief may come for those in your life who will not be journeying with you into the new phase of your life. The grief also is a wave, passing through you to cleanse and renew your spirit, to honor what has been precious, to heal you and to bring you home to God.

Trust the flow within your heart, ride the waves of purification and healing so that your truest deepest and most precious essential God self can shine forth brightly into the world, blessing the Earth and all of humanity with the gift that only you can bring to the world. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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