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Daily Blessings Issue #137 -- The Freedom to Choose
January 19, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Freedom to Choose

One of the most sacred gifts that God has given to His children is the gift of freedom. We are created in His image and yet are given at every moment the choice in how we respond to life, what paths we choose, what decisions we make, and even whether to consciously include God in our lives and consciousness.

This precious and sacred gift is an essential component of divine love, one that is required for the fullest expression of God's divine will to manifest on the Earth. This precious gift is but a dream for many on the Earth who are deprived of their freedom, and for others is taken for granted and not understood as the sacred gift that it is.

The time will come when this divine gift in its fullest expression will be limited and the knowledge of freedom's true expression will be thwarted and curtailed. In order for the precious gift of freedom to continue and grow on the Earth, it will be tested and in that testing will emerge a new Light and a new understanding of God's divine and holy purpose for the Earth.

For this moment, it is important to deeply appreciate and give thanks for all choices you are given, for all freedoms that you currently enjoy, and to pray sincerely for those souls who are suffering from the absence of freedom and choice. The choices you make to strengthen your love and faith in God will greatly benefit all beings now and even more so in the future. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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