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Daily Blessings Issue #056 -- The Freedom to Choose
August 23, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Freedom to Choose

In every life there are countless decisions to be made at every moment, from the smallest ones such as what to wear in a day, to the larger decisions such as where to live, what work to pursue, and how to best contribute to the world.

At times these countless decisions and choices can feel overwhelming or burdensome, especially at times when you may feel unclear about what direction to take or what the right decision is.

This glorious freedom to choose is given to each soul as a divine gift from God. Celebrate in this, even if the process of making decisions is unclear or confusing.

Sometimes you feel a clear "yes" or "no" in your choices, either through intuition, divine guidance, or clear practical knowledge. This is a great blessing, but many times the choices are not so clear.

In the absence of a clear direction or spiritual guidance, here are some steps that can assist you in making a decision with God.

  1. Pray to God for help with your decision.

  2. Take some time in quiet meditation and reflection to sit with the different choices facing you. Note how each one feels to you. See where you are feeling the most life, excitement and energy.

  3. It may be helpful to list your choices on a piece of paper, each in a separate column, to compare possible outcomes. Pay attention both to the practical aspect and also the vibrational aspect ... how does each choice feel to you. Which choice has the most Light around it?

  4. By now you may begin to feel or see or know a clearer choice. If there is still no clear direction, take some more time to meditate and pray once again. Then put the decision behind you for a day, if this is possible. Before sleeping, give yourself the suggestion that you will be helped with this decision making process during your dream time, and awaken with options.

  5. If there is still no clarity, speak with a trusted spiritual friend or guide, or consult a practiced intuitive who can help you navigate in the decision process.
Celebrate the gift of freedom that allows you to choose directions in your life. Listen well to your intuitive guidance which will lead you each step of the way.

May all beings be free. May all beings be at peace. May all beings be blessed with God's healing love. Amen.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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