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Daily Blessings Issue #118 -- Divine Intuition
December 01, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Divine Intuition

God's guidance is constantly present within life, however technologically advanced cultures have temporarily forgotten how to access the simple inner wisdom that is genetically encoded within the cellular structures of all embodied beings.

We are grateful to be participating with you in this time of awakening, when that which has been forgotten can begin to re-emerge in a new form.

The human body and intuition are inextricably connected, and are one in a matrix of vibrational communication that exists between the soul and the embodied self.

Divine intuition is God's way of speaking directly to a soul, through the open pathways of the heart. This deep inner wisdom can come through dreams, in meditation and prayer, or through a burst of inspiration. Much of the art produced in your world is a result of the expression of divine intuition.

To be more connected to one's inner wisdom, it is important to create a space within the heart, the mind, the body, and also in one's daily life. The intention to create this connection, the longing to do so, and active participation in the process of purification all create a pathway through which divine intuition can manifest.

It is our wish to support you in this process, so that you may come to know the great blessings that come from God's voice speaking through your own inner wisdom.

May you be blessed with God's peace and divine love. Amen.

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