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Daily Blessings Issue #045-- The Divine Heart
August 10, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Divine Heart

There is Light present in every situation, no matter how difficult it may seem. God always provides a way through even the most painful times. To find this Light, look to your Heart. You have a human heart, that feels joy, sorrow, love and pain, and you also have a Divine heart that is connected with the sacred Heart of God.

The sacred Heart of God is a profoundly holy vibration of God's love, and you are already deeply connected with this energy at your soul's center. You can strengthen your awareness of this connection through heartfelt prayer, and through meditations, that open your heart and bring more breath, life and Light to this vital center.

The Divine heart within you sees all beings with the eyes of love, compassion and forgiveness. To experience the Divine Heart, sit quietly in meditation in front of your altar. Allow your mind to be at peace. When thoughts arise, notice them and return your attention to the breath.

As your body relaxes, turn your attention to your heart center, located in the center of your chest near your physical heart. Place your hand there, bringing warmth and breath to your heart. Notice what you are feeling there. Notice thoughts, feelings, memories that surface as you bring Light to your heart.

Now visualize a stream of pure while Light above your head, that streams gently into your body, showering you with radiance. The Light flows directly to your heart center, expanding your heart like a sunburst. Breathe deeply, receiving this gift.

The stream of Light creates more space within the heart, and your heart begins to glow like the sun, radiant and warm. Your hand, which is still placed over your heart, begins to glow with the warmth of Light.

Now the radiance in your heart expands outward, filling your entire body with its warmth. The radiance now expands outwards toward others. As you begin to feel the Light flowing in your heart, affirm I am Divine Light. I am Divine Love. Say the words aloud, anchoring the vibration of God's holy love within the cells of your physical body.

Tears of joy or grief or both, may flow as the heart is awakened to its Divine connection. Allow the feelings to flow and to pass through your consciousness to the Light.

The effects of this meditation are cumulative, with each step forward your body and your heart will be able to hold and feel more love.

There will be times when you may feel unable to do this meditation, as it can stir up old pain held in the heart. This may temporarily feel unbearable, and the human self wishes to flee from it. If this should arise, allow yourself to gently feel and see what this pain is, and to hold the pain with God.

The simple act of acknowledging, seeing, feeling what was previously unbearable, will open a new door within you, and will begin the healing process. The pain will pass from you into the Light, for you are not this pain. You are God's Divine Heart, here on Earth.

Celebrate your presence here. Celebrate God's divine love for you and for all of His creation. Know that you are precious in God's eyes, unique in all the world.

May all beings know and feel the divine and sacred Heart of God. Amen.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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