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Daily Blessings Issue #152 -- Currents of Energy
February 17, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Currents of Energy

The Earth, and all beings living upon her, composes an entire energy pattern, a sacred vortex of God's love manifested in physical form. This pattern of energy that has been in place for millions of years has recently begun to shift in major ways.

The currents of energy that comprise the Earth and all of physical matter are in divine flux, rapid motion and accelerated change. These changes began as the result of many millennia of patient preparation on God's part and on the part of all divine beings of the spiritual realms. Now that a new level of this transformation process has been activated, there are new skills needed on the part of those on the Earth who wish to support this transition process.

There are many on the Earth who can see and feel that something is afoot, but who have no idea or concepts to help them understand. Those whose hearts are called to be of service to God, and to humanity, can be a support to those who are struggling to understand. It is not through words or concepts that help needs to be given, it is through the direct experience of God's love and faith, manifested in daily life and in relationship.

The skills of the future are being developed now within those lightworkers, teachers and Masters who have incarnated on the Earth to be of service to humanity. Faith, love, humility, and freedom from attachments are being cultivated, and the process of purification is rooting out areas of separation, fear and darkness that have prevented the full measure of God's light from shining forth.

This process is happening strongly at the present time, so that a new level of God's light can become manifest. We give thanks to all those who work with us to bring greater love, light and peace to the Earth during this time. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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