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Daily Blessings Issue #111 -- What is Containment?
November 17, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

What is Containment?

Today we speak of a concept within spiritual life that is not yet well known, that needs to be spoken of because there has come to be an imbalance within human consciousness in relation to inner life.

For many centuries the inner life of thoughts, feelings and emotions was little known, considered to be mysterious and somewhat taboo. Now human consciousness has evolved and the understanding and awareness of the inner life is more developed.

We see in the trend towards understanding one's inner life, many positive things that bring a person greater healing and greater connection with their inner being.

We also see a trend emerging within this, which is not conducive to spiritual life. This direction involves excessive indulgence of the self, and the feeling of entitlement that one's inner negativity can and should be expressed cathartically towards all those who are thought to have contributed to one's pain.

This is primarily an attitude, one which does not embody the wholeness of God's love, mercy and forgiveness, but rather that seeks to justify one's anger and find ways to express this, to seek revenge and so on.

We speak of these things now, because the times ahead will test all souls to remain steadfast in God's love. If you are carrying within your heart pathways of darkness, and if you carry within yourself the attitude of defending that negativity, then you are vulnerable to being swept away from God's love during times of stress.

In times of great duress, people seek comfort and revert to behaviors and patterns that are familiar. Some seek to defend themselves against perceived threats. A truly open heart cannot harm another, attack another or seek revenge against another. However a confused heart, or one that is carrying mixed motivations, can easily be swept into behaviors, thought patterns and situations that it would otherwise not even consider.

We pray and ask all children of God, from all faiths and from all perspectives, to come to know deeply within yourself the true experience of God's love. From this unshakeable center of God's truth, you will always know what is right and what is wrong. All souls are created with this ability to feel and sense God's reality, and asking and praying for this experience will bring it into manifestation in your heart.

The understanding of containment can help you in the process of transformation, to go through your spiritual healing process in a way that serves all beings in the highest good.

May all beings be blessed. May all beings experience God's holy peace and love. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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