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Daily Blessings Issue #066 -- The Consciousness of Community
September 05, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Consciousness of Community

The human family is and always has been One spiritual community -- however this reality has not yet been readily visible to most people with the exception of those beings already blessed with the divine experience of the consciousness of One.

This separated consciousness is about to change, for individuals and for the entire human family. The pull of separated consciousness is strong and familiar, and there is a natural tendency to want to return to that which is known, that which is perceived to be safe.

Now, with the advent of accelerated worldwide change, it is not possible to return to the old, familiar ways as the call of transformation is growing stronger. God's Light is an action moving forward all that is needed to bring the human family into the consciousness of community which is the consciousness of One.

This consciousness and simple and is a part of our natural heritage of awareness from birth, and even previous to birth. Humanity lost connection with this consciousness temporarily as part of our evolutionary process.

In order to experience and explore fully the individuated, separated consciousness, it was necessary to focus there for many eons of time. Now humanity is ready to reconnect to the whole, bringing with it all the learning and blessings of the full experience of individuation.

In the New Earth, people will express their unique gifts with the understanding and connection with the reality of Oneness of which they are a part. Children will grow up fully connected to their essential uniqueness and to the entire human family of which they are a part.

War will become a memory of the past, as the human community will not be capable of killing that which is its own. When there is suffering for a part of the human family, the response of support and healing will be immediate, as the community of the heart will know and understand deeply that any part which suffers is it's own and requires healing.

This consciousness of community is not one that can be forced or created by the mind. It is created in the heart through the inner felt experience of God's reality, which transforms the old, fear based, limited consciousness to a new consciousness of One.

Within the One there is infinite diversity, infinite creativity, infinite expression of the unique beauty of God's glorious, multi-dimensional reality.

This consciousness of community is arriving now to the Earth and all her inhabitants.

To connect with this consciousness now, be aware of what is happening both within you and around you. See the separated consciousness battling for control. See the heart and the love opening and crying for expression. See the resistance as well as the Light. Carry within yourself a sincere and heartfelt desire to know your own unique soul's purpose and mission, and to fulfill that within the community of Oneness.

Each day, take time to consciously connect with God's reality in your heart. Even if you are not yet able to experience this fully, the sincere effort made and the space created in your life will bear fruit and be richly rewarded in God's time. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened.

May all beings be blessed with God's holy love. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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