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Daily Blessings Issue #114 -- Communication from the Heart
November 22, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Communication from the Heart

The human body was created by God to not only know and feel God's love, but to share it. This unique capability is still largely untapped in the current understanding of human potential, but more is now possible in this regard, and will become manifest in the times ahead.

The human heart carries both the capability and the potential to manifest entire social structures that are based on the reality of God's love. All human beings are connected by Light and by a unique cellular communication mechanism that opens the doorways of consciousness to a greater understanding of the true oneness of all of God's life.

God's love lives within each human heart, and within the collective consciousness of humanity. This love has not yet been fully tapped and opened, because the separated consciousness has needed to develop. However there is a turning point happening now, that will allow people to have a deeper and more profound experience of God's love, so that more will be possible in human communication and relationship.

At this time, communication from the heart is not yet a well known way of being in the world. However, there have been small groups of souls who have been faithfully pioneering the opening of this new consciousness on the Earth, laying a vibrational and practical foundation that will allow new pathways of God's love and Light to manifest in all areas.

Communication from the heart is a gift, one that opens the consciousness of all who participate in such an activity. This is most easily learned from other souls who have an understanding and awareness of how to embody this consciousness.

If you wish to open the pathways of love and Light in your life, in your relationships and in your world, seek to open your own heart, and to communicate your heart to others. You will know you are ready for such a process when your own hearts longing becomes strong. Your longing will compel you to open your awareness and to move beyond your habitual areas of comfort into the unknown.

We wish to extend our love and blessings to all those children of God who seek to know and feel God's love and Light. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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