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Daily Blessings Issue #089 -- Communicating from the Heart
October 12, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Communicating from the Heart

During this time, it is helpful to understand the importance of communicating from the heart and how this affects the atmosphere and vibration of the Earth.

With so much in turmoil, stress abounds especially for those whose lives have been disrupted, or dramatically affected by the larger events we are seeing. This level of stress is on every level, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

The energy body of the Earth, which is holding all of humanity in Her heart and body, becomes affected by this outpouring of emotion and stress. It can be seen by those who are sensitive, as a cloud surrounding the Earth, especially around the points of pain such as the recent tsunamis in Asian, the earthquake in Pakistan, the hurricanes in the southern United States.

What can be done to help this situation? Much can be done, even by those who are not physically present at the sites of the disasters. The first and most important thing is consciousness.

By holding a prayer, a loving consciousness for the victims of the disasters, and for all beings affected, including the animals, plants, and non-physical nature beings within the areas, you help to bring more of God's love and Light to the situation.

The victims will not consciously know that you are praying for them, but they will be affected by this loving vibration. They may find within themselves a ray of hope, an ease of the agony of loss, or a sense of a burden being lifted.

If you have ever asked someone to pray for you, you will know the power of this simple act of love. This is a profound way that you can be of help. This greater Light and love sent to these areas of disaster will help to clear the clouds of pain surrounding the Earth.

Another way you can be of help in these situations is by your embodiment of God's love. What does this mean? It has to do with your ability, and your willingness to communicate from the heart at all times, in all areas of your life.

Communication from the heart is about allowing God's love to guide you in your daily life. It is a way of consecrating your commitment to God in each moment. By communicating from your deepest essence at all times, you bring a vibration of love to the world.

Communicating from the heart is not just about sharing God's love; it is about loving others enough to be truthful with them, and being willing to take the risk to share truth because of your love.

For example if you see a friend acting out a self destructive behavior pattern, your communication from the heart will include the truth of how this pattern affects you and others in your friendís life.

The courage to communicate from the heart, even in situations where it might not be expected or encouraged, allows greater amounts of God's love and Light to enter the arena of daily life, and to enter the energy body of the Earth.

Each person's thoughts and feelings affect the energy body of the Earth, and you have a vast opportunity, today at this moment, and at each moment to make a difference in what transpires during these challenging times.

We are grateful for your service and your commitment to spiritual life. Know that your spiritual works, even if done quietly and in solitude, are known and appreciated and seen. You are not alone, even if you feel so at times.

May you be comforted and blessed.
May you receive God's peace in your heart.
May you experience the joy and the fulfillment of sharing God's love with others. Amen.
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