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Daily Blessings Issue #055 -- The Commitment To Healing
August 22, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Commitment To Healing

There are many choices and possible directions available to a soul in physical life. Especially in today's world there are a myriad of possibilities for work, play, relationships and even where to live.

On the spiritual path, as a soul matures and develops over time, it begins to have a clear and specific focus and direction. The soul learns about who it is, what vibrations it is drawn to and what vibrations are not helpful for it. In this way the soul comes to know who it is, in a beautiful and magnificent process of self discovery.

At this time there are many healers present upon the Earth. Healers are those souls who have come with a mission to help humanity to become more whole, and to come to know itself as one with God. Souls who are healers can be in any profession, as the key to their mission is their ability to create peace, harmony, and wholeness wherever they are, no matter what the form of their outer activities are.

Some healers have the job of taking on specific aspects of this process ... some working quietly and invisibly, some with a large public presence. Healers understand that it is not they that do the healing, but that the wholeness, peace and harmony comes from God, and they are the divine instrument.

At this time there are many healers being activated ... those that were not previously aware of their divine mission are awakening, and also those who have been in training are being prepared to serve. All is ready for a major level shift. That which has been prepared over many years is now ready to take root and begin to grow.

What a blessed time, to see so many souls with the desire to serve humanity, awakening to their holy purpose. We who support you invisibly are grateful for your work. Know that you are not alone. You are watched over, cared for and guided in your path. Bless your presence on the Earth at this time.

May all beings know and feel the blessing of their soul's divine purpose. May all beings know and feel God's love and healing. Amen.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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