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Daily Blessings Issue #085 -- Coming More Fully Forward Into God
October 06, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Coming More Fully Forward Into God

At this time all of God's heart is calling His children, that they may come forward closer to Him, to see and feel and know the reality of His love and blessing. This holy calling is being sent out to all hearts, of all souls on the Earth. Souls of all faiths, all nationalities, in all parts of the Earth are being called ... called forward into a deeper relationship with God.

You may feel this calling as an ache, a longing, a cry in your heart. You may feel this calling amidst strong, unexpected changes that leave your life in apparent chaos and confusion. Beyond the pain and fear, if you make the space to listen within to your heart, you will heart and feel God's voice whispering gently to you, helping you to move forward in your life towards a stronger and truer relationship with Him and with all of life.

We speak of God as He because of our experience of God as the holy creative presence within all of creation ... however you may experience God as She or as All That Is or I Am or as without name. All the names of God are holy, and it is our wish to include all the names of God despite the limitations of language.

God's holy presence is being felt more and more strongly and all now are being called forward to come closer to Him. In truth, all beings are already One with God, and so this movement forward is towards that which already exists on another level of reality.

That is why coming Home to God is a joyful experience, of meeting yourself as you always were, only even more so. Many times on the spiritual path one is asked to let go of attachments, and so there is fear of losing oneself. However this movement of coming forward to God is intended to bring the soul home to the joy and peace that always was and always will be within.

This joy of homecoming is deeply longed for by all souls, and we celebrate with you this new time where the pathway Home to God has opened more fully for more people. As God's Light becomes more manifest on the Earth, the way Home shines brighter and is more accessible.

You need only ask to be guided, and you will be. Ask and pray, and even if you do not think you hear the answer, continue to listen and to go forward as best as you can with the intention to become more of who you really are, and to shine more brightly with the love and Light of God.

We deeply appreciate your faithfulness to your path and to your spiritual works upon the Earth at this time. We work in partnership with you to give birth to the New, which will one day shine across all the land of the Earth.

May all beings be blessed.
May the Earth and all beings of Her be blessed.
May all those faithful souls who long for God's love be blessed.
Copyright 2005

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