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Daily Blessings Issue #145 -- Closer to the Source
February 04, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Closer to the Source

The source of all creation is within each soul, existing as a living spark of divinity that travels from afar, in the spiritual dimensions, to reside for a time within physical form. Physical reality is like a hologram, each tiny particle of matter containing within itself the blueprint of the whole.

This miraculous event of the manifestation of spirit into physical form is about to undergo an even more miraculous event. At this time the source of all matter, which is spirit, will quicken not at the steady pace that is currently occurring, but in a quantum way.

Instead of a steady progression of greater light manifesting upon the Earth, there will be a sudden transfiguration that will cause physical matter to re-shape itself into a new vibrational arrangement. This blessed, sacred and holy event has been planned since the dawn of creation, and is preparing to unfold now in the realms of the present time period that is has just begun.

At this time all of humanity will experience a level shift into a new consciousness that previously was available only to souls who were not physically embodied. Previously the density of the Earth plane was so great that most souls who incarnated would not remember their divine origins.

In the future all souls will know and remember their divine origins, and as a result will be able to see and feel the divine origins of other souls. This consciousness will completely transform existing social structures, for it will not be possible to deny other souls access to resources once the true nature of the oneness of all life is perceived by all.

This divine cosmic event is in preparation now, and all those who are present on the Earth at this time incarnated with full knowledge of their part to play in assisting this new era to come into being.

There is much turmoil, much challenge, and much difficulty as energies of darkness are rooted out and purified from within individuals and from within social structures. At times in the process of purification, the suffering is great as the bondage of separated consciousness, and the consequences of past actions that were out of harmony with God, are presented with full force into consciousness.

The counter forces that would wish to disrupt this awakening, this surge of new light into the world, use every opportunity to discourage the growth of love, truth and faith, and to bring doubt into the hearts and minds of humanity. These counter forces are easily recognized by their ability to create fear, despair, and anger.

Those whose hearts are pure, who can feel God's love within their hearts, minds and bodies, and who carry self awareness will not be vulnerable to these counter forces. For this reason the process of purification can be seen both for individuals and for the Earth, as the way home to the very source of being.

We send our love and blessings to all souls engaged in this holy work which is laying the foundation for a sacred and holy world. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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