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Daily Blessings Issue #047-- The Call to Awaken
August 12, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Call to Awaken

Many people today who have access to world news are aware that these are serious and disturbing events happening every day. Many people are worried, afraid, or even despairing about what the future holds.

These feelings are understandable, and yet there is also another reality unfolding as well -- one that does not make the news headlines and that is sometimes not seen but is felt in the heart.

This other reality is the growing presence of God's Light and love on the Earth. It is growing daily aided by the diligent work of large numbers of people and also non-physical beings who are voluntarily participating in this global awakening.

The acceleration of technology is making possible a level of global communication that was previously not possible. As more hearts awaken to God's love and Light, this vibration is shared through the growing human network of consciousness.

This network is both physical, through the web of interconnected life and communication technologies, and it is also spiritual. The human family is interconnected psychically through a global consciousness, through the global superconscious mind, and through its connection with the living being of the Earth itself.

The Earth is a living, multidimensional being and all living things on the Earth are a part of her. Such love does She have for all of incarnated life that are a part of Her.

There is a call of awakening that is ringing out through human consciousness, and through the consciousness of the Earth. The greater Light being sent to Earth is accelerating the process of purification so that energies of negativity and darkness that have been hidden are now being exposed. It is appalling to witness this upsurge of darkness in the world, but this is but one side of the story.

There is another upsurge happening as well, one of the awakening of humanity's global Heart. Each one has a place in this awakening. Your part is to listen -- listen to the inner call of your own heart.

In some cases the calling to awaken comes through pain, as we can no longer stay where we were. No matter how the calling happens, your individual consciousness matters and is an integral part of this awakening.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your daily interactions touch others in ways you might not even realize. Celebrate this joyful responsibility you have been given as a co-creator with God during this very special time on the Earth.

Know that you are loved deeply by God and that you are not alone in your journey, no matter what you may be feeling at this present time.

The human family is awakening to the blessing of its connection with All That Is, with God the Father, God the Mother, and God in all things. Celebrate this holy time with joy and gratitude.

May all beings be blessed with the truth of God. May all beings be blessed with God's love. May all beings know and feel God's sacred and holy reality. Amen.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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