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Daily Blessings Issue #154 -- Breathing in God's Light
February 20, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Breathing in God's Light

The Light of God is a tangible physical presence in space and time, infusing all of physical matter with its love and purpose. At this time, as the presence of God's Light strengthens and expands on the Earth, it is possible to feel and receive this holy Light more directly through intention, prayer and meditation.

It is possible to receive the Light of God directly into your physical body by sitting quietly in meditation. As your body begins to relax, as your mind becomes quiet, you become aware of the cosmic in breath and out breath of which you are a part. All of life is in a state of motion, mirrored in the motion of breathing in and breathing out.

As you sit in meditation and prayer, ask and pray that you may receive God's Light as you breathe in, and that you may release what is no longer needed with God's Light as you breathe out. Breathing in God's Light and life, breathing out God's Light and life, in the constant cycle of receiving and letting go. This natural flow of life is a gift from God so that all beings may know the beauty, peace, comfort and love of God's presence.

As you breathe in, feel the Light of God moving into each cell of your body, blessing and enlivening each part of you. As you breathe out, feel the relief of being able to let go completely of what is no longer needed. Feel the movement of God's life within your body, mind and spirit, and accept all that is occurring within you with love and compassion. There is no need to change anything; there is only the eternal presence of the One-ness of God.

As you breathe in and out, allow the Light of God to gently purify and cleanse each cell of your body, making new all within you, and making ready your body for the new Light in the times to come. Enjoy the peace, love, stillness and rest that comes from breathing in God's Light daily, hourly, and minute by minute as you enter the new. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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